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Today we are proud to announce our own DBK strops and some bloody nice compounds!!

The DBK Paddle Strop 
A classy looking paddle strop to compliment every sharpening kit. A sharpening kit is not complete without a proper stop. This strop covers 2 rough leather sides (our personal favourite), a comfortable grip and a bloody nice looking DBK Logo.

The DBK Field Strop
A nice compact strop that will fit your travel kit! This strop has a smooth side for fine compound and a rough side for coarse compound. The Field Strop has a nice lanyard for better grip and of course our bloody nice logo!
The Knife House Diamond Spray
We can honestly say this is the best compound we have ever tried. The Diamond spray polishes every type of steel and lasts very long! We offer 2 variations: 1 micron (14.000 grit) and 0.25 micron (100.000 grit) to make your knives sharper than ever before. 

For more information please watch our latest video and our informative video on the strops:

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I hope you can enjoy these awesome strops!

''DBK Stroppin' to Make your Knives Hair Poppin''
                     - DBK 2018-
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