DBK x Stroppy Stuff Mirror polish

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In collaboration with our good friend owner of Stroppy Stuff we’ve found an amazing solution for helping you achieve that perfect mirror polish in a much more easy way than before!

Basically this stropping compound is an overdosed 4 micron stropping compound. So it has a really high concentration of diamond particles in there making it much more easy to achieve a good mirror.

We recommend watching the video down below to see how we use it and what results you can expect with some sharpening experience.


The concentration is so high actually we recommend to be really careful using this as regular stropping compound. 4 micron compound is suitable for stropping but in this crazy high concentration you might easily overstrop and round off your edge.

basic instructions:

Step 1:
Give the bottle a gentle shake so the residue on bottom mixes in well but not to rough that you’re making whipped bloody cream!

Step 2:
Apply a few sprays on a (DBK) strop. When first applying make sure you cover the whole surface of the strop. Use a few sprays for this at a distance of approximately 15-20cm away from the strop. You can use your finger to help spread the compound evenly>
When reapplying use less sprays.

Step 3:
let it dry for a few minutes

Step 4:

Start stropping like you usually strop but keep the angle a bit lower than the edge grind if possible so the compound doesn’t (over)strop the edge. If you overstrop or raise the angle too high too long you might round off the edge and the knife will dull.

Tip 1:
Make sure you’ve done a good sharpening job on your water stones (other sharpening device).  The more even the results are from your stones the easier it is to mirror polish. This compound does not take out deep factory grind marks.

Tip 2:

When polishing a convex edge you might be able to rock the knife back and forward on the strop like on a sharpening stone but without touching the edge (mind that if done wrong the edge can bite a chunck out of your leather). This method will fasten the results.

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