DBK Compound 0.25 Micron

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DBK Stropping…. To make your knives hair poppin’

No this is not parfume even though it almost comes packed like it…

DBK 0.25 micron compound is made to be used after sharpening your knife in combination with a leather strop. It is recommended to first strop with 1 micron before moving on to 0.25 micron.
0.25 micron compound is made for the people who want to find the limits of how sharp a knife can get and up their sharpening game.
Go next level with DBK Compound!

Footnote: We tried our best to reduce plastic as much as we could by using glass bottles and bamboo. This makes the bottles reusable for whatever you want to put in there and reduces the footprint of our product. We did multiple dropping tests with the bottles and they are thick enough to withstand most! Don’t throw at rocks 😊

Only the straw and head remain plastic.


  • 0.25 micron (100.000 grit)
  • Monocrystaline diamond 
  • Glass spray bottle
  • 50ml/1.7oz
  • Suitable for every steel (even super steels)
  • Shake firmly before use
  • Use with DBK Strop, BLOODY HELL

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