Original DBK Knife Kydex Sheath

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You think our leather sheath sucks hah!? Or…. Maybe you just also want a sheath that can take a harder beating and every weather you throw at it? Kydex sheaths offer a care free carrying system that is secure and durable.
The sheath is made by TRC to perfectly fit the DBK Bushcrafter knife. The finish on these sheaths is great as you can expect from TRC. It’s actually a taco style sheath instead of a sandwich (made from one sheet of kydex instead of two).
The sheath features a fire steel loop that will fit both 10mm fire steels and the DBK Fire steel which (yes! Which is 8mm). With the top screw on the sheath nearest to the handle you can adjust the friction with the knife. Loosening or tightening it will adjust the force needed to sheath and unsheathe the knife.
What’s more? You can make it either right or left handed by moving the beltloop to the other side.


  • Only for the DBK Bushcrafter
  • 10mm firessteel loop also suitable for the DBK Firesteel
  • Adjustable retention
  • Thumb rest for taking out the knife
  • Taco Style
  • For right and left handed use
  • Weather proof
  • Makes others jealous

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