Handmade DBK Foraging Pouch

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Meet the Foraging bag AKA Dump pouch! The name says it all. This foldable pouch stores small on your belt but can be unfolded to dump whatever you find on your trails. These could be anything from mushrooms, firewood to empty shells and magazines. It also comes with a firesteel loop because… why not when you’re potentially using this pouch for collecting tinder?

General info on this product

The DBK Foraging pouch is handmade in Spain. This pouch is made with 7oz vegetable tanned leather and (English) waxed canvas with solid brass dee and firesteel carrying loop.

Bag size unfolded:

9’’ or 22.9cm deep

8 ½’’ or 22cm wide

Suitable for belts up to 1.97" (5cm)

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