EDC Paddle Strop

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You can EDC your Knife, You can EDC your small sharpening stone… so why not EDC a strop for a complete kit on the road? Introducing the tiniest paddle strop you can probably find! Perfect for on your keychain, your pockets or spanking your hamster’s ass.
They work exactly the same as normal strops but in a much smaller formfactor. My advice is not to strop your katana with it but use it for your edc folders.
perfect for deburring after a sharpening job or polishing your edge if combined with the DBK Diamond Spray.

Stay Sharp!


  • 2 rough sides
  • 12cm / 4.72 inch total length
  • 2,5cm / 1 inch wide
  • 7cm / 2.83 inch total stropping length


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