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Have you dreamt of achieving that DBK level sharpness? This stone will bring you one step closer to achieving that dream.

The Fallkniven DC4 AKA 'The Little Beast' is our most recommended sharpening stone. The DC-4 is a sharpening stone small in both size and price that you can take anywhere! Although it’s small size it’s very capable of sharpening any type of steel thanks to the incredible hardness of the diamond (coarse) and ceramic (fine) sides.

We actually learned how to sharpen our knives on a DC-4 before we got into much more expensive Japanese water stones. After 10 years of sharpening experience it is still our go to stone to take on holidays or field trips. With proper practise you’ll easily shave of your nuts after sharpening on this stone. We dare to say that a DC-4 together with a strop and compound might be all you need to properly maintain your knife until the end of days. Using different techniques you can sharpen almost any grind including convex on this stone! Be sexy… Be sharp.

- Light weight
- Cheap
- Sharpens any steel
- Small in size
- Gets your knives razor sharp
- All you practically need

- Doesn’t leave a mirror finish like a Japanese water stone

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