Handmade DBK Zippo Pouch

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The pouch you didn’t knew you needed until you saw it! A Hand made Zippo pouch specially made to fit the classic western style of our classic DBK Zippo’s (It’ll fit any zippo though).
Fire is life so keeping your fire secure on your adventures can actually save your life. With this pouch you’ll keep your zippo secure even when you’re upside down on a tree branch trying to grab lunch or when you’re doing handstands to impress a potential mate!

General info on this product

The DBK zippo pouch is handmade in Spain. This pouch is made from vegetable tanned leather and finished with a solid brass concho.

It has saddle stitching, a type of stitch that is more resistant than straight stitches. A true guarantee that ensures the strength of the stitching and makes this cover a truly resistant item designed for demanding treatment.

Suitable for belts up to 1.18" (3cm)

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