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A collector’s item, a fidget, a heads or tails, a photography prop. So little, yet so much! I present to you the DBKoin! An EDC coin designed by us. This is a drop limited drop of around 95 pieces and the only time the DBKoin will be released in this size. So what does this coin buy you? Our everlasting love that is! It’s a collectors item, an affordable way to support us and getting something physical back in return. You’ll often find EDC coins in EDC photography as they’re aesthetically pleasing. We went for a classic, worn cowboy feel. Fits very nice with other brass and copper style EDC. We’ll also be releasing more items in the future in the same style.

Yes my friend! The DBK family you will join,
With the your purchase of the DBKoin…

Our big thanks for your support and making it possible for us to do and create what we love!
- Mikkie B and Maarten -