TRC Apocalypse DBK Edition Convex

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Recently we tested the legendary TRC Apocalypse knife and we were blown away by the finish, handy design tricks and amazing performance! But even that just got better! We loved this knife so much we decided to make a DBK Edition with the guys from TRC and made a bloody DBK Convex edition! This bloody knife even became Maarten's new favourite knife!
TRC Knives are made by a small team of craftsman and are all finished by hand. Every knife is finished to bloody perfection. Prepare for eye-gasm!
This knife is made to last, one you can depend your life on! The hole it leaves in your wallet will definitely be compensated by the warmth of joy that will fill that empty hole in your heart.
Check out our video we made on the already amazing original TRC Apocalypse!  
By buying our products you directly support the Youtube Channel and we will of course love you for all eternity.
Steel: Elmax
Grind: Convex
Lemmet type: Drop point
Hardness: 60 HRC
Handle Material: Micarta
Sheath: Kydex
Weight: 410 grams
Length: 29.9cm
Blade Thickness: 6.4 mm
Blade length: 17.1 cm
Handle length: 12.9 cm

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