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DBK's choice: This is our favourite and every day go to choice. We literally use this to make every knife we have sharp. Not just a little sharp.. scary insane sharp. Trust us that this will make your life way better. Shocked might be a better word!

Specs. DBK Paddle Strop:
- 2 rough sides (DBK's favorite)
- Comfortable grip
- Lanyard hole
- 41,5cm/16.5" long
- 6,1cm/2.4" width
- 2,6cm/1.2" high
- 29cm/11,4" usable length

Specs The Knife House Diamond Spray:
- 1 Micron (14.000 grit) and 0,25 Micron (100.000 grit)
- 60ml/2oz
- Suitable for every steel (even super steels)
- Shake before use
- Use with DBK Strop, BLOODY HELL!

This item contains:
- One DBK Paddle Strop
- One The Knife House Diamond Spray 1 Micron
- One The Knife House Diamond Spray 0,25 Micron