TRC DBK Bushcrafter Kydex!

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After many years of testing of what we think are the best knives in the world. We just cherry picked the best qualities per knife and put it into one 'perfect' knife.

A knife with our favorite handle, steel, length, grind, colors etc.

We are a Youtube 'Knife' channel (Dutch Bushcraft Knives) and are able to basically get all knives we need for videos. And because of that we have an insane knife collection to choose out of. 

The size is based on Mikkie B's 'Gunny Scandi' and is our favorite size for bushcraft/ survival, hunting and woodworks.  The Blade height is based on the Fallkniven NL5, the Blade length is somewhere in the middle of a Gunny and Bravo 1. All this made with the highest quality standard of TRC.

The quality can be this high because every knife is inspected during each step of it's fabrication process and for a big part made by hand.

These are not factory knives, these are semi-hand made. Exactly as we want!

The knife is made for bushcraft and all round camping tasks in mind. batonning, feathersticking, carving and making fire. But when the need arises the knife is strong enough to depend your life on. Literally... a knife that can safe your life. This knife will be your buddy through thick and thin. 


This knife performs Bushcraft/ Survival/ Woodworking tasks like the best knives around. And because of the True convex grind it will outperform most knives by the way of sharpening alone.

Our Elmax steel has had a Cryogenic heat treatment which normally only custom knives get. This makes our Elmax steel perform better than your 'average' Elmax steel knives! Elmax shines when it comes to edge retention and does not mind getting wet.  We love stainless because the knife should be taking care of you. Not the other way around. Don't be shy to give it some love though.

The knife is elegant but more importantly functional and quality.

We have skipped "Budget" because this had to be a 'no compromise' Quality knife. We have gone for the best of the best, competing with the best knives in the world! 

With this we still believe the knife is well worth it's value! And besides... a Knife like this must be able to save your life when need be. In our test we put it through hell to find the limits so you (hopefully) don't have to.




After being blown away by the build quality of TRC Knives, we approached them with our own design + measurements and asked if they could make this knife.

After many months of back and forth, and several prototypes this is our result! 

TRC Is a European Knife company based in Lithuania. They became famous with their TRC Apocalypse knife. A knife that blew our minds actually! Their Mille Cuori Knife is being sold to special forces and other military units all over the world. Testing these knives made it clear for us that TRC needed to be the one to make the DBK Knife! And boy... they did not disappoint!

How The DBK Bushcrafter is made!

Each knife goes through 60 steps from start to finish! 

When the Swedish made Elmax steel sheets arrive at TRC they are laser cut into the rough knife shape AKA the Blanks. After cutting they go into a big oven for stress relief in order to minimize residual stresses in the structure thereby reducing the risk of dimensional changes during further manufacturing or final use of the knife.

After stress relief the blanks are put into a CNC machine for the exact contours. After that the primary bevel (rough shape of the bevel) is put on by hand on a belt grinder. Now comes one of the most important parts! Heat Treatment. 

Each Knife is individually wrapped in a metal foil and receives individual vacuum hardening for ultimate precision. The knives are heat treated to 60-61 HRC.

After the initial heat treatment the knife is tempered two times and receives the Cryogenic treatment (-196°C) to bring out the steel's best qualities. The knives receive individually cryogenically treated using liquid nitrogen to attain the best toughness possible.

Now the knives are put on a magnetic table surface grinder to make them 100% flat.

Now it's time for the handle! TRC uses Norplex Micarta made in the USA for the highest possible quality. Again, the rough shapes of the handle are done by CNC machine but are finished and polished by hand.

For the final sharpening TRC actually bought a special belt grinder to make the best possible convex for the DBK Bushcrafter! With that the knives are made literally hair popping sharp!

Now the only thing this brand new knife needs is a kydex jacket. The sheath!

The sheaths are 100% handmade kydex. Made to perfectly fit the DBK Bushcrafter Knife and of course a fire steel!

The knife is literally made to be a knife for life! A treasure to pass on through the generations.




- Full Tang Elmax Steel, 60-61 HRC, Cryogenic Heat treatment

- Black (US made) micarta handle, for the best durability and classy looks

- A TRUE  CONVEX grind (No secondary bevel)

- Highest quality Semi-hand made production (by TRC Knives) 

- hand made kydex sheath with firesteel loop

Dimensions & weight

Weight: 190 grams / 6.7 ounces

Blade height: 27mm / 1.06inches

Blade length: 103mm / 4.055 Inches 

Effective edge length: 98mm / 3.856 inches

Handle Length: 117mm / 4.606 Inches

Total Length: 220mm / 8.661 Inches

Blade thickness: 4mm / 0.157 inches


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