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'The Field Dream' The ultimate field combo. You might already have the full size strop or you just want the smaller size. Then this is the damn deal you want. It makes your knives just as sharp as thr full size yet it is smaller. I would say congratulations already with your bloody great deal.

Specs. DBK Field Strop:
- 1 smooth side (fine grit)
- 1 rough side (coarse grit)
- Lanyard hole with the best lanyard you've ever seen
- 20,3cm/7.9" long
- 4,4cm/1.6" width
- 2,1cm/0.8" high
- 18,4cm/7.1" usable length

Specs The Knife House Diamond Spray:
- 1 Micron (14.000 grit) and 0,25 Micron (100.000 grit)
- 60ml/2oz
- Suitable for every steel (even super steels)
- Shake before use
- Use with DBK Strop, BLOODY HELL!

This item contains:
- One DBK Field Strop
- One The Knife House Diamond Spray 1 Micron
- One The Knife House Diamond Spray 0,25 Micron